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    Students and Faculty, Ladies and Gentlemen:


    I would like to thank you, Sir Alec Broers, Vice-Chancellor, for the invitation, which brings me to the famous Cambridge University.

能够与青年朋友们聚集一堂,共同讨论人类如何在新世纪里迎接挑战、创造更加美好的未来,我感 到十分高兴.

It gives me great pleasure to be together with young friends in a discussion on how mankind should rise up to the challenge in the new century and build a better future.

剑桥大学是具有 700 多年历史的世界著名学府,曾培养出牛顿、培根、弥尔顿、拜伦、达尔文等 对人类进步事业作出杰出贡献的伟大科学家、思想家和诗人.

Cambridge University is a world-renowned university with a history of more than 700 years. It has nurtured great scientists, thinkers and poets such as Newton, Bacon, Milton, Byron and Darwin, who made outstanding contribution to the

progress of mankind.


Today, Cambridge University, which has produced more Nobel Prize winners than any other university, still takes a significant place among all the institutions of higher learning in the world.

50 多年前,在我上大学的那个年代,就有不少的中国年轻学子向往到剑桥负笈求学.

Over fifty years ago when I was a university student, many young Chinese students were longing for an opportunity to come and study in Cambridge.


This university began its contacts with China as early as the beginning of the last century.


A hundred years ago, Cambridge started the Chinese language course.


The late Dr. Joseph Needham of Cambridge University enjoyed a high prestige in the Chinese academic circles.


He devoted his entire life to the writing of Science and Civilization in China, a monumental work for study on ancient Chinese science and technology and cultural achievements.

100 年来,许多中国学者不远万里到剑桥求学访问,中国杰出的数学家华罗庚就是其中最著名的代表.

For 100 years, many Chinese scholars, best represented by Mr. Hua Luogeng, an outstanding Chinese mathematician, have traveled long distances to study in Cambridge.


Today, the Chinese academic community still maintains good exchanges and cooperation with Cambridge.


This has played a positive role in and exerted a sound influence on enhanced cultural exchanges and friendship between the Chinese and British people and progress in science and technology as well as in thinking.

20 世纪,人类创造的物质和精神财富,超过了以往任何一个时代.

In the 20th century, mankind has created material and spiritual wealth unmatched by any other time in history.

令人遗憾的是,人类在这 100 年中也经历了前所未有的苦难,特别是遭受了两次世界大战的浩劫.

Regrettably, it is also in these 100 years that humanity has experienced unprecedented hardships, particularly the havoc of the two world wars.

但是世界的历史从来是由世界人民创造和书写的,因而正义总会战胜邪恶,光明总会战胜黑暗,进 步总会战胜落后,人类必然会不断地克服艰难险阻,向着美好的未来开拓前进.

However, it is always the people of the world that make and write world history. In this sense, justice will inevitably prevail over evil, light over darkness and progress over backwardness. Mankind will undoubtedly keep on overcoming difficulties and obstacles, blaze new trails and steadily move forward to a better future.

21 世纪就要到来,世界人民虽然仍面临着很多严峻的挑战,可以肯定地说,人类也面临着巨大的 发展机遇.

The 21st century is approaching. The people of the world still face many tough challenges, but definitely they also see enormous opportunities for development.

只要世界人民同心协力,形成战胜一切挑战的巨大力量,人类文明进步的航船就必将乘风破浪地前 进.

So long as the people of the world work in unison and form a strong force to tackle all challenges, mankind with its civilization will continue to march forward against all odds. like a ship braving the wind and the waves. People of different countries have traversed different roads of historical development. Each nation with its own cultural background, social system and value, will continue to lead a life in its own way.


The world is colorful and diversified.

各国人民走过了不同的历史发展道路,有着不同的文化背景、社会制度和价值观念,延续着不同的 生活方式.

People of different countries have traversed different roads of historical development. Each nation with its own cultural background, social system and value, will continue to lead a life in its own way.


This diversity is the very reason why the world is full of competition, vigor and innovation.

各国之间应该加强交流和了解,在相互尊重和平等相待的基础上共同前进,而不应让这种多样性成 为阻碍各国人民携手共进的隔阂,更不应人为地从中挑起对立和冲突.

Countries should enhance exchanges and understanding, and move ahead together on the basis of mutual respect and equality. They should not allow the diversity to be a barrier to their forward march, still less should they deliberatel y provoke confrontation and conflict.


尊重和发展世界文明的多样性,并在这种多样性中找到共同利益之所在,是人类社会向前发展的伟 大动力.

To respect and develop the diversity of world civilization and identify therefrom common interests are a great driving force propelling human society forward.


Here, I want to share with you some of my thoughts on China's development, in the hope that it will give you a better understanding of my country.

中华人民共和国刚刚度过了 50 岁的生日.

The People's Republic of China has just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

对于绵延 5000 多年的中华文明而言, 50 年只是弹指一挥间.

Fifty years are but a brief moment for Chinese civilization that has been going on for more than 5,000 years.

然而,在这 50 年中,中国这个古老的国度发生了翻天覆地的变化,面貌焕然一新.

However, in the past 50 years, earth-shaking changes have taken place on this ancient Chinese land. It has taken on a completely new look.


China in modern history was a semi-colonial and semi- feudal society.


It was weak, feeble and fell a prey to foreign invasion, with lots of land annexed and its people plunged into an abyss of misery.


The Chinese people fought tenaciously to change their miserable destiny.

从上世纪中叶到本世纪中叶,中国人民在苦斗中经历了多次挫折和失败,但始终不屈不挠,最后在 中国共产党的领导下取得了民族独立和人民解放,建立了新中国.

From the middle of the last century to that of this century, the Chinese people went through setbacks and defeat in their struggles, but they never yielded. Finally, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, they won national independence and liberation and founded New China.


From then on China entered a completely new era of development in its history.

掌握了自己命运的中国各族人民,终于可以在一个独立、统一、和平、稳定的环境中意气风发地建 设自己的国家,实现振兴中华的伟大理想.

The Chinese people of all ethnic groups, who have taken their destiny in their own hands and enjoy independence, unity, peace and stability, are now able to devote all their energy to the cause of building up their country and realize the lofty ideal of national rejuvenation.

中国人民十分珍惜经过艰苦卓绝的奋斗而取得的当家作主的权利,十分珍惜经过长期艰辛的探索而 开辟的建设有中国特色社会主义这一正确的发展道路.

They deeply cherish their hard-won right to be masters of the country and the right past to development, that is ,building socialism with Chinese characteristics. This is a road they have found after years of difficult exploration.

历史和现实都告诉我们,只有始终不渝地坚持这一切,中国才能持续发展,中国人民才能过上幸福 美好的生活.

Both history and realities tell us that only by adhering to all this can China obtain a sustainable development and the Chinese people lead a happy life.

经过 50 年的艰苦创业,中国的综合国力、社会生产力和人民生活水平大幅度提高.

Our strenuous efforts in the past 50 years have brought about a substantial boost in the overall national strength and social productivity and a marked improvement of people's livelihood.

从 1952 年到 1958 年,中国国内生产总值年均增长百分之七点七,明显高于同期世界年平均增 长百分之三左右的水平.

From 1952 to 1998, China's GDP grew at an average annual rate of 7.7%, much higher than the world average of 3% in the same period.


Its economic aggregates are the 7th largest in the world, its foreign exchange reserves the second largest, and its total foreign trade volume the 11th


在过去 20 年间,中国农村贫困人口减少了两亿多,百分之九十五以上的农民过上了温饱有余的生活.

In the past two decades, the poverty- stricken population in its rural areas has been reduced by more than 200 million, and more than 95% of farmers have got enough and to spare.

中国人口的预期寿命由新中国成立前的 35 岁提高到目前的 71 岁,成人文盲率由百分之八十下 降到百分之十六点五.

Life expectancy has increased from 35 years prior to the founding of New China to the current 71. The illiteracy rate among adults has dropped from 80% to 16.5%.


Remarkable achievements have been scored in both the material and spiritual civilization.


Gone forever are the days in which China was poor and weak.


There are comments from world opinion: “ It has taken China only on generation to achieve what would have taken other countries several centuries to accomplish
” .

中国建设的成就,不仅为中国的未来发展奠定了坚实基础,而且也为促进亚洲和世界的和平稳定作 出了巨大贡献.

What China has accomplished has not only laid a solid foundation for its future development, but also constituted enormous contribution to peace and stability of Asia and the world at large.

中国所以能在短短的几十年间成就这样的大业,是由于在中国共产党领导下全国各族人民实现了前 所未有的大团结,是由于中国人民找到了有中国特色的社会主义道路,并从优秀的民族文化传统与 时代精神的结合中获得了强大的精神动力.

The reason why China can achieve so much in the short space of several decades lies with the unprecedented unity that the people of all ethnic groups have attained under the leadership of the CPC. It can also be attributed to the road of building socialism with Chinese characteristics that the Chinese people have found and to the inspiration that the Chinese nation has drawn from its fine tradition and culture as well as the spirit of the new era.



A nation without a spirit to support it has no future.


To have a good understanding of what has happened and what will happen in China, it is absolutely necessary to know the basic Chinese values.


The Chinese nation has always valued human dignity and value.


Even in the ancient days, our ancestors came up with the idea of people being most important, believing that “ man is the most valuable among all the things that heaven fosters ” .


Progress and development of a society hinge on human progress and development and depend on how well human dignity is maintained and how much human value is realized.


The Communist Party of China has lead the Chinese people in carrying out revolution, development and reform precisely for the purpose of ensuring the entire Chinese people broad freedoms, democracy and human rights.


The immense vitality displayed by China today is a vivid reflection of the broad freedoms and democratic rights enjoyed by the Chinese people.

中国在公元一世纪人口就已达到过 6000 万左右,

China's population reached around 60 million as early as in the 1st century.


For several thousand years, to provide for the people 's need for food, clothing, housing and transport has all along been the primary human rights challenge for successive governments in Chinese history.

今天的中国是一个有 12 亿多人口的发展中大国,仍然必须首先保障最广大人民的生存权和发展 权,不然一切其他权利都无从谈起.

In today's China, which is a large developing country with a population of over 1.2 billion, top priority should still be given to ensuring the greatest possible majority of its people the rights to subsistence and development. Otherwise, there would be no other rights to speak of.

中国确保 12 亿多人的生存权和发展权,这是对世界人权进步事业的重大贡献.

To ensure our people these rights is in itself a major contribution to the progress of the world human rights cause.

集体人权与个人人权、经济社会文化权利与公民政治权利紧密结合和协调发展,这是适合中国国情 因而是中国人权事业发展的必然道路.

Collective and individual human rights have to go hand in hand and their coordinated development should be pursued, so do economic, social and cultural rights on the one hand and civil and political rights on the other. This is in keeping with China's specific national conditions and is therefore the only way to progress in the human rights cause in China.

中国集中力量发展经济,促进社会全面进步,坚持发展社会主义民主,建设社会主义法治国家,都 是为了促进中国人民的人权事业.

China has been concentrating its resources on economic development, promoting all-round social progress and persistently developing socialist democracy and building a socialist country under the rule of law. All this is aimed at promoting the cause of human rights of the Chinese people.

中国积极参加国际人权领域的活动,在平等与相互尊重的基础上与国际社会就人权问题开展了富有 成效的对话与合作,为推进世界人权进步事业作出了积极贡献.

China has played an active part in international activities in the human rights field, carried out highly effective dialogues and cooperation with the rest of international community on the question of human rights on the basis of equality and mutual respect and hence made positive contributions to progress in the global human rights cause.


The Chinese nation has persistently pursued an independent national spirit and road to development.


We, the Chinese people, regard independence as the foundation on which to build the country.


We have created a splendid Chinese civilization by making unremitting endeavor over five thousand years.


We grew stronger by relying on our own efforts in the struggle to resist foreign aggression and gain national liberation in modern times and finally became masters of our own destiny.


Independence and self- reliance should not rule out learning from other countries and drawing upon the fruits of world civilization.


The two are complementary to each other.


Our ancestors came to know this a long time ago.


In this respect, we have valuable historical experience from the Han and Tang Dynasties.


Those were periods of prosperity when China strove to develop itself on its own, and also periods when it learned extensively from foreign advanced cultures in the process of actively conducting external exchanges.


新中国成立后,中国人民坚持走自己的路,进行经济政治文化建设,把祖国建设成为一个初步繁荣 昌盛的社会主义国家.

Since the founding of New China, we Chinese people have persevered in taking our own road and engaging in the economic, political and cultural undertakings and turning our motherland into a socialist country with initial prosperity.


Meanwhile, we have earnestly absorbed and drawn upon fruits of advanced world civilization, which in turn have greatly promoted the development of China.


However, it must be pointed out that the absorption and learning process is by no means one of simple imitation.


China can not copy the development model of Western capitalist countries, nor can it mechanically follow other countries' models of building socialism.


On the contrary, it must take a road to development that is suited to its national conditions.


That is, the road to building socialism with Chinese characteristics, which we have found through long-term practice.


The Chinese people will move forward unswervingly along this road.


The Chinese nation has always valued the great unity of all the ethnic groups and the reunification of the country.

中国的 56 个民族,从古代开始就在华夏大地上劳动和繁衍,经过长期的相互帮助、相互学习, 形成了统一的多民族国家.

Since ancient times, people of the 56 ethnic groups have toiled and multiplied on the vast land of China. They have helped each other and learned from each other over long years and thus formed a unitary multi- ethnic country.


The preservation of solidarity and unity of the Chinese nation is the very foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and is where the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups lie.


Since the founding of New China, regional autonomy has been practiced in places where ethnic minorities live in compact communities.


The rights and interests of all the ethnic groups are protected by the Constitution.


Continued social and economic progress has been made in the regions inhabited by ethnic minorities.


The relations between different ethnic groups based on equality, solidarity and mutual help have grown stronger and stronger.


The Chinese people of all ethnic groups are firmly opposed to any attempt to split the Chinese territory and sovereignty.

中国民主革命的伟大先行者、中国国民党的创始人孙中山先生早就指出:“中国是一个统一的国家 ,这一点已牢牢地印在我国的历史意识之中,正是这种意识,才使我们能作为一个国家而被保存下来.”

Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution and the founder of the Kuomintang (the Nationalist Party), pointed out: “ China is a unitary country. This has already been deeply etched in its historical identity. It is this identity that has kept us together as one nation. ”

中国政府已经恢复对香港行使主权,澳门也将于今年 12 月 20 日回归中国.

The Chinese government has already resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. Macau will return to the embrace of the motherland on 20 December this year.

按照“和平统一、一国两制”方针最终解决台湾问题,完成祖国的统一大业,是全体中国人民不可 动摇的意志.

It is the unshakable will of all the Chinese people to ultimately resolve the Taiwan question under the principle of “ peaceful reunification, one country two systems ” and accomplish the great cause of national reunification.


On the settlement of the Taiwan question, we do not undertake to renounce the use of force precisely for the purpose of facilitating a peaceful settlement.


The Chinese people will certainly accomplish the complete reunification of the country.


The Chinese nation always loves freedom and peace.


The Chinese people have always longed for peace prevailing across the world and wish to live in harmony with the people of all the other countries.


“ Benevolence and good-neighbourliness ” were all along regarded as a treasured maxim by our ancestors.


In modern times, the Chinese people suffered immensely from the scourge of war and aggression, so now they feel all the more strongly the value of freedom and peace.


The nation-building and development of each and every country requires a peaceful and stable international and domestic environment.


Freedom of a country and nation serves as a precondition and basis for the freedom of all its individuals.




It is our hope that the people of all countries can live in a world free from war and violence and free from suppression, discrimination and bullying.

中国实行以和平为宗旨的外交方针,坚持相互尊重主权和领土完整、互不侵犯、互不干涉内政的基 本原则.

China pursues a peace-oriented foreign policy and adheres to the basic principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non- aggression and non-interference in each other's internal affairs.

中国主张不同社会制度的国家应该平等相待,和平共处,反对任何国家以任何形式把自己的政治制 度和意识形态强加于别国.

China is of the view that countries with different social systems should treat one another as equals and co-exist peacefully, and is opposed to any attempt to impose in any form one's own political system and ideology on other countries.


A developed, strong and prosperous China will pose no threat to anyone. It will only promote world peace, stability and development.


China will never seek hegemony. This is a solemn commitment of the Chinese people to the world.

中国人民选择和实践的社会主义发展道路和各项基本的内外政策,源于现代中国历史发展的必然, 也源于中华民族千百年来形成的优良民族传统,因而具有历史和现实的充分依据和牢固基础.

The road to socialist development and the basic domestic and foreign policies chosen and followed by the Chinese people have their origin in the logical historical development of modern China and in the fine national tradition of the Chinese nation formed over thousands of years. Therefore, they are well founded and firmly grounded in terms of both history and realities.

我们的目标是,到下个世纪中叶,即中华人民共和国成立一百周年时,基本实现现代化,把中国建 成富强民主文明的社会主义国家.

Our goal is to realize modernization by and large and turn China into a strong, prosperous, democratic and culturally-advanced socialist country by the middle of next century when the People's Republic of China celebrates its centenary.


The Chinese people are confident that they will brave and overcome all the difficulties and risks on their way forward and attain this great goal.


The stability and development of China will provide good opportunities for China and the UK to carry out friendly cooperation in various fields.

中国愿与英国共同努力,将一个充满活力的中英全面合作伙伴关系带入 21 世纪.

China is ready to work together with the UK to bring a dynamic China-UK partnership of all-round cooperation into the 21st century.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Mankind is again at an important historical juncture when it is about to enter a new century and a new millennium.


Since the end of the Cold War, the world situation has, generally speaking, moved towards relaxation.


There has been an increasingly louder call for peace, stability and development from people of the world.

科学技术日新月异的发展,为人类开发和利用自然提供了空前巨大的能力,也为人类自身能力的发 展开辟了广阔的前景.

Science and technology, which advance by leads and bounds, have not only provided an unprecedented capacity for mankind to explore and harness nature, but also opened up broad prospects for the development of man's own ability.


But the world is far from tranquil, and world peace and development are still under threat in one way or another.


Power politics and hegemony still exist in international political, economic and security realms and have further asserted themselves.


Regional conflicts have erupted one after another.


The gap in development between North and South continues to widen.


Mankind is plagued by trans-national problems such as environmental degradation, arms proliferation, international crimes and terrorism.


If we fail to address these major problems promptly, it will be difficult for the world to develop further.


With regard to what course to follow and how to resolve these problems, the initiative is in the hands of the people of the world.

推动建立公正合理的国际政治经济新秩序,是各国人民和有远见的政治家必须认真而审慎思考的极 其重大的课题.

To help establish a just and rational new international political and economic order is a task of vital importance, a task that people of all countries and farsighted statesmen have to ponder over in seriousness and with prudence.

为维护世界和平,促进共同发展,所有的国家都必须遵循公认的国际关系基本准则,包括和平共处 五项原则和《联合国宪章》的宗旨与原则.

To safeguard world peace and promote common development, all countries must comply with the universally recognized basic norms governing international relations, including the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.



The affairs of a country should be dealt with by the people of that country, and international affairs should be settled through consultation by all countries and regions concerned.


People of each country are entitled to choose independently the social system and road to development suited to their national conditions and to build their own lives.


It is the sacred right and glorious duty of the government and people of each country to safeguard their state sovereignty and security.


All other countries and international organizations should respect them and have no right to interfere.

处理国与国的关系应超越社会制度和意识形态的差异,努力寻求共同利益的汇合点,扩大互利合作 ,谋求共同发展.

It is essential to transcend the differences in social system and ideology in handling state-to- state relations, work to seek convergence of common interests, expand mutually-beneficial cooperation and strive for common development.


It is not right to model the world after one political system or development mode.


All countries should honor the principle that the world is colorful and diversified, and adopt a positive attitude of learning from each other to make up for their respective deficiencies in the interest of common development.


It is essential to adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit in conducting international economic exchanges.

制定国际经济贸易领域的新规则,应该充分反映经济技术还不发达、处于弱势地位的广大发展中国 家的合理要求,注意保障它们的正当权益.

In formulating new rules guiding international economic activities and trade, the reasonable demands of the vast number of developing countries should be fully reflected, as they are under-developed in terms of the economy and technology and at a disadvantage, and attention should be paid to the protection of their legitimate rights and interests.


Following World War II, the people of many countries under colonial rule were emancipated and won independence.

这是人类社会在 20 世纪取得的最伟大的进步.

That was the greatest progress made by human society in the 20th century.


These countries still have a weak economic foundation and are in the process of development.


Should their interests be ignored or even harmed, the world would not enjoy stability, not to say universal prosperity.


And there would emerge a multitude of problems, risks, inequalities and irrationalities, which would ultimately jeopardize the interest of developed countries.


It is our hope that the statesmen of all countries will pay attention to the very urgent issue of gradually narrowing the widening gap between North and South economically.


This problem, if not solved, is bound to inflict a big negative impact on the steady growth of the global economy, and make it impossible for mankind to achieve common development and prosperity.

维护国际安全,必须彻底摒弃冷战思维,努力把国际社会的持久和平建立在促进各国相互信任和共 同利益的新安全观的基础上.

To maintain international security, it is essential to discard the Cold-War mentality and work to build a lasting peace for the international community on the basis of a new security concept featuring promotion of mutual trust and common interests of all countries.

应通过国际社会的共同努力,首先确立有利于世界和平与稳定,有利于各国和平发展的安全机制, 任何国家都不能把自己的所谓安全建立在损害他国安全利益的基础上.

A security mechanism conducive to world peace and stability and to peaceful development of all countries should first be established through the concerted efforts of the international community. Under it, no country should be allowed to build its own so-called security at the expense of the security interests of other countries.


It is essential to build confidence through dialogue, seek security through cooperation, respect each other's sovereignty and settle disputes through peaceful means.

中国 2550 年前诞生的杰出教育家、思想家孔子说过:“逝者如斯夫!不舍昼夜.”

Confucius, an outstanding educator and thinker of China who was born about 2,550 years ago, once said: “ The passage of time is just like the flow of water, which goes on day and night. ”


The lapse of time is irreversible.

21 世纪正在到来.

The 21st century is just around the corner.


The beautiful future of mankind will depend on the efforts of young people generation after generation.

我希望,中英两国青年顺应时代的要求和世界发展的潮流,刻苦学习,知难而进,为建设自己的国 家,为维护世界和平、促进人类进步事业作出应有的贡献.


It is my hope that the youth of China and the UK will meet the needs of the times and follow the tide of world development, study hard, move ahead in defiance of difficulties and make their due contribution to the development of their own countries, maintenance of world peace and advancement of the cause of human progress.


Thank you.

Speech delivered by Chinese President Jiang Zemin at the University of Cambridge on October 22.1999

" 如果您没有来过剑桥,就不算看过真正的大学 " 剑桥一直都被认为是全英国最富有学术城市, 以其学风之美吸引无数的游客.剑桥的骄傲更来自于它培育出比其它大学更多的诺贝尔奖得主及无 数杰出的科学家、思想家和诗人 ...